About Us

Turaleza Touring

From Quito – Ecuador, for us it is a privilege to be able to present our company and put at your orders all our staff to give them the best advice you need and to make our beautiful country known.

Without further ado let me give a brief information about who we are and what we will do for and with you.

Turaleza Touring, has experience of 25 years, has been working all this time in the domestic and foreign tourism market, constantly adapting to the new trends of tourism with the desire to provide quality services to all our passengers, during their stay in Ecuador.

The brand Turaleza Touring Ecuador Cia Ltda, is the Tour Operation  in charge of offering to the international market, the best services, hotel and tourism products in the Ecuadorian territory.

For this purpose we have generated alliances with hotels, restaurants and service providers, such as transportation, as well as we have the best guides in the country, who speak different languages ​​according to the needs of our passengers, all with the purpose of our customers and friends they sit at home.

Turaleza Touring, has its own offices in the cities of Quito and Cuenca, which facilitates work directly with the passenger.

Turaleza Touring, invites you to know our range of products and services, so that you and your customers can discover and live the charm of Ecuador.